Our Brand

The Evergreen Magnolia


A Magnolia tree is an evergreen tree that goes through seasonal cycles. It produces seeds in the fall, protects itself in the winter and provides flowers in the spring. Widely adaptable to different climates, soils and exposures and has multiple uses from being used as food plants to medicinal uses.

Like the Magnolia tree, our business also has seasonal cycles and many uses. We can endure different climates due to the unique structure and multiple facets of the company. The Magnolia will always be a reminder that our evergreen company needs to prepare for seasonal changes, annual and the macro business seasons. Symbolizing strength through a “family tree” and forever linking the past and future.

Our "Roots"
Are Planted In The Past:

A constant reminder for years to come that we are successful because we are evergreen and the covenant to always continue on that path.